Art and Music - a force to be reckoned with. I, Chris Tayt, take detox clients through Art and Music therapy sessions and have found that there is a ​real energy that transcends hopelessness.

School was a place that felt wrong for me, but Art was my salvation. It helped me graduate early.

I discovered the feeling of being animated by performing loud rock'n roll music and moved to London England to gig around town and pursue this power.

Moving back to Canada I cofounded Chinatown (Sonic Swirl Records & Classic Rock Magazine) and we travelled much of the USA and Canada. I've worked on a number of projects with very talented people.

Getting sober and then diagnosed with MS many years ago put me on a path to rediscover my need to be creative with Visual Art and on a visit to the Tate Modern Art Gallery I had a vision to create Tayt Modern both as a solo project with a back up band (Dragan Panic and Tim Huston - thank you so very much), and as my Visual Artist persona. The Tate Modern Art Gallery showed me promise about the future because it displayed the spirit of taking Art to limitless explorations. The creative world is, I believe, full of purpose and awe. I must be an artist forever living according to the powerfull energy that we find in Art and Music.


Artist Statement

There is a freedom in a way of having the picture come seemingly not from a personal or mental effort and that when one reaches a calm and a focus - but without an agenda, a spirit of art will guide itself into the artwork via the artist. It is being open to some kind of an image that is floating above and being like an antenna that tunes into this spirit to transmit it onto the canvas. This is the spirit that I must live by.


© 2016 Tayt Modern

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